Boutique Hotels

Hotels are a logical consequence of traveling. People who are far from home need places to rest and unwind. The concept has been around for millennia from Ancient Rome to the Silk Road trade to the modern era. The type of accommodations offered always change with the times. They depend largely on the demands of the clientele who are, after all, responsible for keeping the whole enterprise going. Large hotel chains ruled the roost for a very long time with their predictable layouts, facilities, and prices. Things are changing, however, as boutique hotels kensington are becoming more popular than ever.

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Intimate Atmosphere

Some hotels are so large as to contain hundreds of rooms. These places are ideal for massive crowds coming to town to participate in events or watch performances. Often, they are nothing more than places to sleep and guests are considered as simply part of the multitude. Boutique hotels are much more intimate as there are much fewer rooms. Some go as low as ten while others can reach a hundred. In the hospitality industry, these numbers are nothing to write home about. Yet the intimacy appeals to a lot of travelers who want a quiet and cozy place to stay in.

Unique Concepts

Another great thing about these new hotels is that they each have a unique concept and manner of execution. No two boutique hotels are the same, even if they are under the same company. The developers make it a point to inject more personality into each project. In many cases, even the rooms have distinctive designs such that guests can choose according to their preferences. Artists are commissioned to help create eye-catching spaces that are truly memorable. While most hotels aim to please the masses with conservative décor, these smaller players are known to push boundaries.

Fashionable Locations

If you look at the usual location for these boutique hotels, then you are likely to realize that the vats majority are located in the biggest cities around the world. In fact, they are nestled in the trendiest neighborhoods where art and fashion are thriving. They are usually situated away from the big crowds but still a convenient distance away from the vital city spots. Aside from the desired to cater to the needs of their clients, this setup may be a matter of necessity as hip cities draw the most tourists. Indeed, they draw the kind of clients who would probably appreciate eccentric accommodations.

Personalized Service

Fewer rooms mean less occupants, allowing the staff to attend to the needs of the guests with a greater level of attention than one would normally expect. They might even know each guest on a first-name basis and take special instructions for the duration of the stay. For example, the food and drinks for room service can be tailored to requests. Even the toiletries, the linens, and the pillows may be customised. All of these are of higher quality than most establishments offer. In-house bars and restaurants are also hip. They often feature décor and cuisine inspired by local culture.